Tuesday, February 22, 2005


"What kind of a word is that?" some would ask.

Well, its a word I borrowed from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. It's derived from the name of a machine that Calvin invents. This machine can transform Calvin into whatever he wants... an elephant, a dinosaur (which he likes to be most of the time). I think it is a really cool idea. Interestingly "The Transmogrifier" (which is really a cardboard box) can also become an intergalactic spaceship when turned upside down...and Calvin a.k.a. "Spaceman Spiff" can ride in it to fight aliens!!

I like the immense amount of imagination in that strip. It also reminds me of what Einstein said about imagination... "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world". I think Calvin's imagination is of this kind...


sakhi said...

hey..i like calvin and hobbes too..he seems one cool kid..sarcastic too..one can relate to his transmogrifier..and all his attempts to be "something else"..becuz most of us are somehow not all happy..satisfies with what we are ..we want to be something else all the time..i feel the same many times..so wudn't it be great to have a transmogrifier and switch to something else conveniently

Transmogrifier said...


Thanks for visiting my Blog and for the comment.

However I do not agree with your view. I do not think Calvin's attempts to "transmogrify" into "spaceman spiff" are because he is not happy being Calvin. Thats not what I meant by having an imagination like Calvin too.

I think it is more important to be yourself all the time. Your imagination should be original...so also must be the "object" of your imagination.

If you want to be someone else because you are not happy with yourself...you are trying to escape reality...unlike Calvin who creates his own reality through his fertile imagination.

So be imaginative and creative...but be yourself...let the imagination be your own and let it create a reality that too is "original"..."your own"