Sunday, April 02, 2006


... is the other blog I have stared. It is where my posts about renewable, sustainable energy solutions will go.

I explain my idea behind starting a separate blog for these posts here. Oorjaa (and this blog too) is in it's infancy... and I think of both these blogs as a "stage" or a "studio" where I take different ideas I come across and develop posts around them as I learn about these ideas. While I place no restrictions on the type of ideas on this blog, on Oorjaa the ideas will be mainly about "energy". I would like both these blogs to be "fora" too, where people can discuss my ideas. I leave that part to you dear readers, and hope you will join.

I just posted my second post on Oorjaa. It is about a company called DESI power in India which is coming up with some interesting new projects. Read it there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sameer
Very cool to hear this stuff . This is Nari (pennstate). I was looking to see if you had any relation to manuf engineering.
Anyhow, I also do some gardening and I am also writing stuff about energy - but on a blog. Maybe I will start and provide cross links.
Well more later,

Transmogrifier said...

Thanks Nari. Glad you liked the posts on this blog. Do let me know about your blog.