Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Out again

Spring seems to be here at last. Time to get out again...fulfill the wanderlust. I want to do all the hikes from the book Small Green Circles by Jean Aron. Sampada and I are thinking of getting new bicycles. Looking forward to a few good trips in India too... want to see the Narmada, Mandu, Ujjain. Will be going to Konkan again... This summers wandering objectives:

Here's a poem from Small Green Circles that I really like..

(c) 1999 Jean Aron

In fresh and green of careless youth
we squandered salad days.
Exploring every turn of time,
we wandered countless ways.

We roamed in widening circles then
in endless forests green,
So filled with life, we failed to note
the bending of the stream.

Come walk with me in circles now,
between the trees, my friend.
All paths return to start again;
green circles have no end.

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