Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pleasures of Blogging

Thanks for visiting my blog. I feel that even though it is public....the blog is mostly for oneself. It is not a private journal....but it is also not like newspaper articles....or research papers. It need not have fixed format...or style... or order. It can be anything you want it to be....because its space for your expression.

Expression (either through writing or thru speech or any other form) an art. It has to be honed through practice. I see the blog as a space for expressing myself through writing. It need not be perfect...I doubt if we can even define perfection in this case. But I am sure that the quality of expression with improve if I keep writing. It doesn't even have to be written such that it is addressed to someone.

I would like to look at blogs as a gallery of personal expressions... a form of art gallery which is open 24 hours. Anyone can come in (or log in I should say) from any part of the world and read and appreciate the stories of personal expression. They can keep coming back if they like it....else they can just move on to another blog.

I guess a blog also need not be about something profound. Simplicity can create great beauty. I have a suspicion that people like simple things. May be if you portray simple things in a different light they might appreciate it more. I also feel that the most profound things are also the most simple ones.

So why not make a start....start writing... for yourself.

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