Friday, April 01, 2005



Today morning as I was walking towards the school I saw a bunch of blue flower buds just barely peeping out of the ground. It must be one of those perrenials sprouting....Spring has finally arrived (or so we want to believe). The weather guys are predicting snow today night....its already raining and might turn to snow!

Worked a lot on a project that I submitted late today. I don't know how this happens. In all the areas of my work where I want to see improvement....I know how to improve... I know the ideas... I know the fundamentals....but it just doesn't seem to work out. One thing I have found though.... keeping at it seems to tame the beast.... it gives up if you don't give up.

Anyway....still a lot of work to do for the next two days. I work with Association for India's Development (AID). We are organizing the Indian food festival. Our chapter organizes it every year here in State College. So I am busy with that now...

What does writing a blog do to someone? how does it help? hardly anyone at all reads it... so why write? For me it somehow helps to put thoughts in order... I get a chance to pick
straws....blowing in the chaos of my mind...and lay them down in some semblance of order. I guess it also helps sprout new thoughts. Its a regurgitation of helps to digest them. It generates bits and pieces of learning in the wake....

When I go to India this time I want a real vacation....I don't want to go and meet people for "tea" every third evening...I don't want to attend any ceremonies...and weddings... I just want to stay home. In Pune I want to get up early in the morning and go to Vetal Tekadi (its a small hill near the school where I did my undergrad)....In the evenings I want to go out and have coffee with sampi, sonakka, mom and dad if they come! From the last 2 time I have experienced this.... although its a vacation for us...its pretty much business as usual for everyone else. Which works well for me in most cases....but every once in a while it happens that you tend to start a conversation with someone....and its going well...and suddenly that person realizes that he has some chore to do. And then it strikes you...."I am on a vacation here"...everyone else has work to do but me. I want to avoid that feeling. In the afternoon when everyone has something to do...I want to go on my own agenda. Need to start planning that now....coz I am going home on May 9th ! yea!

Anyway... wanted to check out how this email blog thingy works...hope it publishes well without all those html tags I have put in.

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