Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog Quake Day: Shake the Blogosphere

Blog Quake DayDesipundit has announced a new blogosphere initiative to help raise funds for the victims of recent earthquake in Pakistan and India. There are many organizations which are providing relief to the victims. You can find a list on this post on Desipundit. PLEASE spread the word by posting about this effort on your blog, on your emails lists and donate to one of these organizations.

Here is a partial list of links:
I work as a volunteer with A.I.D (Association for India's Development). AID-India is also actively involved in earthquake relief efforts. AID-Delhi chapter is participating in the relief work by teaming up with local organizations and NGOs such as Goonj, Sadbhavana Trust, Asha Ashram to send relief supplies, tents, medicines etc. to J&K. AID has already sent $ 15000 for immediate relief supplies.

We are also raising funds for long term relief and rehabilitation efforts. AID-India has substantial experience in disaster relief and has supported many relief and rehabilitation projects in Gujarat after the Bhuj earthquake and after the Tsunami.

Do visit AID website to learn more about our relief efforts.

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Shirazi said...

Thanks for feeling the pain.

ali said...

Save lives by urging media to provide coverage for earthquake in South Asia

This petition is to urge the major media outlets around the world to provide coverage for the earthquake in South Asia. With 3 million homeless and more than 75,000 injured in hard-to-reach area, this is the biggest relief operation the modern world has ever seen but has been completely ignored in the media. With a harsh winter approaching, time is running out for the survivors. The media must play its role by providing extensive coverage of this tragedy.