Friday, October 28, 2005

Currently Reading: State of Fear

State of FearWell, I was actually reading "Naked Economics" and I'm not yet done with it. So why the change you ask? Here is the story in short.

A couple of weeks ago, I had read this article in BBC magazine about "State of Fear", Michael Crichton's latest novel. This one ran into some sort of a controversy. Crichton apparently argues in the novel that "climate change" is just another hoax perpetrated by few overzealous scientist and environmental extremists. Crichton believes in his theory so much that he has added footnotes citing actual studies in the novel and has added a 32 page "appendix" where he explicates his views on "pseudo-science" behind the climate change. Opponents of climate change have been quick to recruit Crichton to their camp. He was also invited to testify before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works about his views on climate change (yup! That's what it has come to... a fiction author testifying about climate change).

It sounded crazy enough to give it a try. So I went to my local library to check out the book. Turns out ALL copies were taken and I was put on a waiting list. Well... a couple of days ago my turn came and I have 3 weeks to read the whole thing. So my economics lesson is on the hold for a while and "State of Fear" is "ON" Tags: ,


Point 5 said...

Even I have heard people say that "Global warming" is just a hype etc. Read the book and let me know whether its worth reading.

Point 5 said...

yeah I have been thru the 55 word post on "A Sore Dream" is actually an outcome of that..