Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Update! Update!

:: The IIPM story and the 'blog war' that followed gets more coverage in mainstream media and it is now producing some sensible results.
  • Mark Glaser of Online Journalism Review[OJR] has a detailed article in which my post about the string on institutes associated with IIPM gets a mention.
  • Business Standard has an article by Kanika Dutta.
  • The New York Times[NYT] carried the IIPM story [same story also on CNET news here] in its Technology section.
  • CNBC-TV18 ran a story in India which stated that IIPM didn't have permission from the University Grants Commission [UGC] to offer BBA and MBA degrees. This story brought IIPM under the UGC scanner [read details here]. AICTE too has issued a notice to IIPM. The blog noise has finally created some real action and hopefully IIPM will learn a lesson and clean up its act.
[More about IIPM story in the media here, here and here.]

:: Meanwhile here in the US, the Starbucks challenge awards were announced and version 2.0 of the challenge has been launched. At PennState I learned today that Higher Grounds cafe in the HUB serves shade grown, organic, fair trade certified, Seattle's Best coffee everyday.

:: The Carnival of the Greens is now on [read details about submitting entries here]. A lot of carnivals are going on around the blogosphere currently. Some interesting ones from the Indian Blogosphere are Bharateeya blog mela and SCIAN melt. Do check them out.

:: Over the weekend I saw a piece of standup comedy by an amazing desi comedian, Russell Peters. Check it out online (you may need a hi-speed connection for this). This guy is hilarious! Haven't laughed so much in a long time.

:: Finished reading State of Fear and will post about it soon. It made me think a lot about nature, environmental movement and whole host of other issues. For a while after reading the book I was definitely in a state of confusion about these things. Hopefully as I try to gather my thoughts and build my opinion about it, the confusion will reduce and clarity will emerge. In the meantime here's a funny post from Arzan's blog.

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Siel said...

Yey re: the IIPM developments! And thanks for the shoutout :) Will you be taking more challenges?

Point 5 said...

hey congrats on ur post being featured in media...great job

Transmogrifier said...

Thanks all!

@siel: I will take more challenges. There is only one Starbucks here but I may go to Pittsburgh and cleavland in the next couple of weeks so will definitely try to take the challenge there too.