Sunday, October 16, 2005

Carnival Comes to Bloggersville

Carnival of the CreenCity Hippy and TriplePundit bring to us ::The Carnival of the Green. A carnival is an event that takes place periodically among blogs with shared subject matter. You can read more about the details about this carnival here and here.

My experience with Starbucks challenge and the recent IIPM matter on Indian blogs is that collaborative efforts on the blogosphere can draw attention to a particular issue. Many times people who do not know anything about an issue will stumble across it when a large number of blogs are posting about the issue. There is strength in numbers indeed.

Such collaborative efforts all help to increase knowledge about the issue. My own experience with Starbucks challenge helped me learn more about fair trade movement. I will be following this carnival of the green closely and hopefully host it on this blog someday.

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